Explore Vitosha Mountain in the best way by visiting a fine combination of 2 must-see sites around Sofia in a half day tour


Vitosha mountain is one of the best places to escape from the summer heat in Sofia. When you combine this escape with a moderate walk and with a visit of the most famous UNESCO site near Sofia, you will get a perfect day out!

The mountain is the first thing visitors of Sofia notice on their way from the airport.

Sofia is probably the only European capital with such a high and beautiful  mountain so close to the city center. Vitosha is a ski resort , great hiking place and gives you a great panoramic  views to the city. The mountain is the Balkans’ oldest Nature Park and Bulgaria’s most visited mountain. The wet meadows and the century-old  woods are home to a number of rare and endemic plant and animal species. You might be lucky to encounter wild goats, deers, foxes, wolfs and many other.

The Boyana Waterfall is considered the most beautiful and largest waterfall in Vitosha Mountain. The only sound that may interrupt the unique silence and true serenity of the breathtaking scenery is the one of the splashing waters, falling gracefully from more than 20m.

The    Boyana Church is the most famous UNESCO site in Bulgaria. The Church owes its world fame above all to the frescoes from 1259, which demonstrate the exceptional achievements of mediaeval Bulgarian culture.

Our tour will take you from the charming foothills of the mountain (where we will visit the Boyana church) through century-old coniferous woods, all the way to the largest waterfall in Vitosha- the Boyana waterfall, with a fantastic panoramic views of Sofia city and the Balkan Mountains on the way.


  • Walking in Vitosha Mountain, the oldest Nature Park of the Balkans.
  • Visit The Boyana waterfall – the largest and the most beautiful waterfall in Vitosha Mountain.
  • Visit the Boyana Church – an inspiring place with unique frescoes from the 13th century and a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • Enjoy the great panorama of Sofia city.
  • Get some fresh mountain air.
  • Get closer to the nature, know more about the local herbs and animals.

DATES: All year round.

Best period: May – November

DURATION: About 4/5 hours

Transfers time: 1 hrs.

Walking time: 2-3 hrs. (Depending on the pace; moderate difficulty)

DIFFICULTY:  Easy to Medium

GROUP SIZE: From 1 up to 8 persons

PRICE: 1 person (private tour): 69 Euro

2 persons: 39 Euro per person

DISCOUNTS: Great group discounts for groups of 4 or more people! Please enquire at: hello@exploriatour.com or call us: +359877 842 652



  • This is a hiking tour suitable for beginners and intermediate hikers ,but requires good physical condition (2-3 hrs. walking)
  • Wearing comfortable clothes and proper shoes is necessary.
  • Wear jacket and warm clothes (scarf, gloves, extra t-shirt, socks etc.) no matter of the season.
  • Bring sun protection cream, sunglasses and a hat, because the sun is stronger in the mountain.
  • There are no shops and restaurant on the route, so better take some snacks or sandwiches with you. On the way from Sofia we’ll make a short stop for shopping.
  • Don’t forget your camera


Vitosha Mountain is the oldest nature park on the Balkan Peninsula. Its gorgeous silhouette is visible from almost all positions in the city and is inseparable part of Sofia’ image.

In 1934 with the active involvement of the Bulgarian nature-conservation society, part of the mountain of 6,600 ha was declared a park. Its boundaries have been changed many times and today encompass the entire mountain of 27,079 ha area. On the park’s territory 61 types of habitats were identified; among them of greatest interest as far as nature conservation goes are the natural spruce forests, the peat areas, the moraines and the caves.

The park is habitation of a plenty of Balkan endemics, and the globular yellow blossoms of the Vitosha tulip (Trollius europaeus) can be seen on the open high-mountain parts. The number of orchid species found on its territory counts to 30. The mountain is home of a diversity of bigger and smaller mammals, birds, insects, reptiles and amphibians. In the different seasons 200 bird species can be observed in Mount Vitosha, of them 120 species nesting within the park’s territory.

Located on the north-eastern slope of Mount Vitosha, Bistrishko Branishte Reserve was established with the aim to preserve in their natural condition high-mountain spruce forests, sub-alpine grass cohabitations, rock formations and stone rivers. In 1977 the reserve was defined as a biosphere reserve according to UNESCO’s international Man and Biosphere Program. The largest in Bulgaria compound of high mountain peat areas with its characteristic hydrophilic vegetation and extraordinary water-holding qualities is preserved in the Torfeno Branishte Reserve.

Sofia has a population of about 1,5 million people and for many of them this mountain is the best place to practice their favorite activities. On the slopes of Vitosha there is possibilities for hiking, mountain biking, climbing, skiing and ski touring, snowshoeing, paragliding, caving. Many people simply go up the mountain to see the great panoramas of the capital and have a picnic in the nature.

There are a lot of mountain chalets and hotels in the northern part, the chalets being the following: Aleko, Selimitsa, Kumata, Kamen Del, Tintyava, Edelweiss.

The most familiar tourist routes start from points at Knyazhevo and Dragalevtsi Quarters leading to Aleko locality below the Cherni Vrah Peak, Zlatnite Mostove and Kopitoto localities.


09:00 Pick up from your hotel or address.

09:30 Arrival at Boyana church. 30/40 minutes to explore the site.

10:10 From the Boyana church we start our hike. It will take between 1:20 and 2 hours to reach the Boyana waterfall (Depending on the pace; moderate difficulty)

12:00 Estimated time of arrival at Boyana waterfall

14:15 You will be back at your place in Sofia.


  • All transportation and parking costs
  • Pickup and drop off at your location
  • Licensed English-speaking guide
  • VAT and all local taxes


  • Admission fee for Boyana church – 5 Euro ( optional )
  • Meals, tips and personal expenses.

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